What is your favorite TV show and why?


The TV shows are produced and broadcasted over the satellite and cable for the viewers. They are often scheduled very ahead and appear accordingly on the electronic media and web supported devices.  It is usually released with multiple episodes of excluding breaks. They are divided into seasons and series. Some of them are narrative and based on fictional stories. A one time show is called special episode.

Genres Of TV Shows

  • Fictional
  • Non- Fictional
  • Reality Show
  • Comedy Show
  • Local News Show
  • Thriller and Horror
  • Crime Show

Game Of Thrones is one of the most watched television show after the Friends. Games Of Thrones is based on the novel written by George R.R Martin.  The novel was published in the year 1996.

Plot Summary 

In Game Of Thrones, there is a war between nine families for the control of mythical land.  One ancient enemy returns after a thousand years. It is set in a world where summers are small and winters can last a lifetime. The catchy line of this shows is “ Winter Is Coming”.  It is based on the novel titled “ A Song Of Ice and Fire”. The series comprises some of the greatest wars of that fictional era of Westeros. In this show either you win or die.

The craze for this show among the public is too high. People are crazy about everything related to this show. The customized merchandises are present in the market based on Game Of Thrones.

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