From Cinema halls to Online Movies


So, what was the last movie you watched? Did you book your tickets for that? Or did you stream it online? While many must have agreed to the latter, there is a reason for this sudden attack on the cinematic drift that has continued for decades. Remember the time when going to the movies was considered to be a considerably great deal and used to be a weekend recreation for most of the families? The luxury of watching movies was only confined to the fortifications of the cinema halls(if you could afford it). However, it has altered now, as the evolution of online movies has posed a major menace to movie halls and theatres altogether.

Online movie streaming giants have been relentlessly bringing quality content to the viewers with new cinematic melodies and with excellent theatre artists. They have occupied the industry quicker than their counterparts and in quite a few cases, have bypassed these giants altogether. Moreover, with the aggregate a person used to pay for a single movie in a cinema hall, could be bought a whole library of entertainment and much more, with the consumer still saving some bucks for homemade popcorns!

With the quality of content in the world of online movies being extensively tantalizing with time, it is safe to say that the future of the Cinema industry is in safe and rather superior hands altogether.

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